Small Hits – cd single

Small Hits – cd single

A new single CD by Alesia Cosmos. 2 unreleased versions of the most famous titles of the group : The Last Line and Pat'lin de Merde.

The Last Line was the first title on the second album Aeroproducts (1985). A high energy rock song with a distorted electric guitar riff. In 2019, Pascal Holtzer remixed the original tracks and produced this yet unreleased extended version.

Pat'lin d'Merde was the most famous title on the first album Exclusivo! (1983). This quirky pseudo punk anthem united all generations of listeners in a great burst of laughter. When Bruno de Chénerilles composed this bomb in his studio, he himself sang the very first version of it. This yet unreleased sketch has a nice spontaneous energy.

Small Hits is a CD single in a limited edition of 100 copies slipped into a simple cardboard sleeve designed by Bruno de Chénerilles.

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