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Alesia Cosmos Live at Audiorama : out now !

Alesia Cosmos Live at Audiorama : out now !

​​The new album ​Alesia Cosmos Live at Audiorama is out now ! Order your own copy  now . If you are a true fan of Alesia Cosmos, please share these good news with all your friends. Many thanks in advance for all your support !

Alesia Cosmos Live at Audiorama

To order your copy of  Live at Audiorama

Alesia Cosmos' double CD


Warui Kuse 

Go East 

alesia cosmos live at audiorama

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Alesia Cosmos​Live at Audiorama

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  • Alesia Cosmos Live at Audiorama - double CD ​at the price of 15 € + shipping
  • To support us in this production without external funding.

​To support the group

In these difficult times, artists and labels have great difficulty in continuing their creations and distributing them. More than ever, their audience is their first and essential support.

If you enjoy Alesia Cosmos music, order your CD ​and receive it in a few days where ever you are in the world.

And we will be delighted to see you in the flesh for new concerts in​ Autumn.

Alesia Cosmos Live at Audiorama

To order your copy

Live at Audiorama

Alesia Cosmos' double CD

3rd album – mix in progress!

3rd album – mix in progress!

December 2019 – 3rd album by Alesia Cosmos is currently on a mixing session at Audiorama studio – recorded live in October 2019 – Could be a double album – Label wanted! – Alesia Cosmos is back ! Look at the video, share, like and subscribe to the blog for news.

The garage concert

The garage concert

Alesia Cosmos played their concert at the garage – April 26, 2019 – at Zone d’Art in Strasbourg, France. Some photos and sounds recorded by very special fans. Photos : Jean-Luc et Jean-Louis – Recordings : Milou et Laurette. Thanks a lot !

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AEROPRODUCTS is re-released

AEROPRODUCTS is re-released

Here we are ! The 2nd album AEROPRODUCTS is now available in a brand new production : new cover, remixed, remastered, with bonus tracks.
It’s now a complete and renewed double album on vynil or CD on the french label Rotorelief.
You can order it right now on Records page up there on this website.


Agitation Frite – vol 3

Agitation Frite – vol 3

Agitation Frite is a striking panorama of the French musical underground. In this last of the three volumes, Philippe Robert documents the practices of this musical network. This book of 410 pages contains 26 interviews, including those of François Tusques, Joëlle Léandre, Delphine Dora, Jean-Baptiste Favory, André Jaume, Gérard Siracusa, Daniel Deshays, Philippe Carles, Theo Jarrier, Jacques Debout, Bruno de Chénerilles ….

And do not miss the pages where Alesia Cosmos is mentioned. A long interview with Bruno de Chénerilles p.74 to 80 and the first LP Exclusivo !, ranked by Jacques Debout among the 12 unavoidable recordings p.85


Agitation Frite vol 3 par Philippe Robert

In addition, it also contains more than 600 recommended record chronicles. From psychedelic rock to free jazz, from sound poetry to electroacoustic, from acid rock to Rock In Opposition, from library music to “experimental song”, from anti-yéyés to outsiders, from punk rock to rock indus, field recordings to free improvisation, hardcore to post-rock, noise to black metal …

Well known in the industry, Philippe Robert is the host of the blog Merzbo-Derek, a contributor to Revue & Corrigée and a former Jazz Magazine contributor, Les Inrockuptibles, Octopus, Mouvement. In addition, He has dedicated several books to creative music. Among which : Musiques expérimentales, Post-Punk, No Wave, Indus & Noise, Agitation Frite 1 et 2 and with Guillaume Belhomme, Free Fight This Is (Our) New Thing.


This 3rd volume of the essential tryptic Agitation Frite is available on the website of the French publisher Lenka Lente or on Amazon. The first 2 volumes, too.

Planeta : new music sound review – 1984/1986

Planeta : new music sound review – 1984/1986

Listen to the Planeta podcast

A new music sound review with interviews, musical snippets, concerts.
An anthology of the musical undergound in 38 episodes of 15mn, more than 9 hours of sound and music.
If you want to follow the Planeta podcast : subscribe here on this blog or on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, ITunes, Deezer, Podcast Addict, Spotify …

PLANETA – Interviews, editing and mixing: Pascal Holtzer, Marie-Berthe Servier and Bruno de Chénerilles. NB: Some groups participated in creating their own modules.

More than 30 years later, we rebroadcast here this sound magazine. 9 issues, 38 audio modules, 9 hours of audio documents) in the form of a podcast.
It is available on this blog, but also on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, iTunes, Podcast Addict. And now also on Spotify and Deezer.

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