New: the record shop !

New: the record shop !

The online Audiorama record store? We needed one… We had always dreamed of it. Here it is, it is brand new. The records of Alesia Cosmos and the solo albums of the members of the group … Soon the entire Audiorama label will be available there, vinyls, CDs, DVDs … What are you waiting for? Visit the record shop now!

Since 1983, Audiorama (formerly Planetarium) has published vinyls, CDs throughout its creation projects: first of all Alesia Cosmos, then solo projects by Bruno de Chénerilles, Pascal Holtzer and music creations by friends like the double bass player Jo Krencker, Les Phônes and their acoustic musical instrument making.

You will also find a large series of albums there that report on the successive stages of the sound portrait of Alsace, a project developed throughout the first decade of this new century.

All albums will be added gradually to the online record store.

Digital platforms: all albums are also gradually added and therefore available for listening on all the digital networks: Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon etc …

Don’t wait : visit the record store now!

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