Aeroproducts – 2Lp – Art Edition

Aeroproducts – 2Lp – Art Edition

Aeroproducts - 2nd album by Alesia Cosmos - 1986/2019 Rotorelief Records - double album
reissue + bonus tracks - double album on black vinyle.

Art Edition - special edition with 2 pictures printed manually on special art paper by Christophe Meyer, limited to 20 numbered copies and signed by the artist.

In 1986, Aeroproducts was released at first as a 3 sides vynile album on Hat Hut Records. Being totallly unavailable for decades, this album was remastered and completed with a 4th side full of previously unreleased bonus tracks for this new full edition on Rotorelief Records.
Marie-Berthe Servier: voice
Pascal Holtzer and Bruno de Chénerilles: guitars, synths, tapes, samples and voices
Pierre Clavreux: voice, percussion
Lotfi Ben Ayed: darbouka, bendir, congas
Inside illustration: Christophe Meyer
Graphic design: Arno de Chénerilles

Christophe Meyer alesia cosmos ours sur disque vinyle

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