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Move Sweet Move – dvd

Move Sweet Move – dvd

Bruno de Chénerilles - Move Sweet Move - DVD audio/video - Audiorama DVD Long06 - 3 audio pieces and 1 vidéo - 73mn30 - 2005

These electronic pieces were composed in the studio by Bruno de Chénerilles.
- XBSex35/Galactica (musique concrète) - produced at Studio GRM-ADAC- Paris - 1982
- La Vérité, un Grand Prix (hörspiel) - from texts by Marquis de Sade (La Vérité and Les 120 Journées de Sodome) - Atelier de Création Musicale de Radio France - 1990
- Etude N°1 for sampled electric guitar - selected at Concours International de Musique Electronique de Bourges - 1996
- Move Sweet Move - sound gestures and projected images - 2004
This DVD turns on DVD players and computers with a player.

Move Sweet Move dvd

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