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Duo Sélestat Trio – cd+booklet

Duo Sélestat Trio – cd+booklet

Duo Sélestat Trio - CD + 32 pages booklet - Limited Edition of 200 numbered copies - Jean-Louis Hess : photos, Germain Roesz : paintings and Bruno de Chénerilles : music composition - 2008 - Audiorama/Faisant

On the occasion of the 3rd step of his sound portrait of Alsace, Bruno de Chénerilles commissioned Germain Roesz and Jean-Louis Hess for a visual approach to the city of Sélestat.
For his part, he composed this sound tribute to the humanist history of the city:
Video Beatus - a 20mn piece played here in concert by Pierre Zeidler: prepared electric guitar,
Harold Stevens: triangle,
Bruno de Chénerilles: spoken voice (extract from a poem by Du Bartas - 16th century),
with the recorded voices of the inhabitants saying words from Beatus Rhenanus and birds of Sélestat.

Duo Sélestat Trio - Bruno de Chénerilles

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