A brand new CD on record label Audiorama. Composed by Pascal Holtzer, Pierre Zeidler and Bruno de Chénerilles, 3 members of Alesia Cosmos, met for this trio side-project.

Recorded in May 2021 at studio Audiorama, it was mixed and mastered during that summer. VAVAVOOM ! Is available : you can order it on the Audiorama Record Shop.

Starting with original tracks composed and proposed by Pascal Holtzer, the 3 fellows met in 2 recording sessions. Pierre Zeidler (clarinet, saxophone) and Bruno de Chénerilles (live electronics, moogs, theremin) played freely with these tracks avec ces pistes during 2 sessions. The whole material was then remixed by Pascal Holtzer.

This creative process led to VAVAVOOM ! All along the eleven tracks, the album creates a very special sound universe, sometimes groovy, even creepy, but always humoristic, not very far from Alesia Cosmos.

You can be among the firsts to support this artistic enterprise on label Audiorama : Order now the album on the Record Shop !


VAVAVOOM ! Verso pochette CD

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