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Underground – good news for 2023!

Underground – good news for 2023!

New albums are in preparation. Unreleased, nothing but unreleased material! Underground music, for sure: we took some out of the safe, we created and produced others at the Audiorama studio. And to celebrate this and also the end of this year 2022, we offer you 20% on any purchase of our records! Indeed, the year 2023 is off to a good start at Audiorama: 2 albums planned for the 1st quarter, just that!

Danger – Combo Combo

We unearth unreleased material from the second half of the seventies. Corbo Combo and Danger are 2 underground bands from Strasbourg which foreshadowed Alesia Cosmos in many respects. Totally improvised, radical music perpetrated by activist musicians from the Strasbourg underground, some of whom are future members of Alesia Cosmos.

You will listen to 2 unreleased concerts in Mulhouse and Strasbourg at the end of the 1970s. With Michel Froehly (bass and guitar), Dominique Gasser (sax), Bruno de Chénerilles (guitar, drums) and Marie-Berthe Servier (vocals).

This double CD album will be released on the Polish industrial/noise/experimental label Impulsy Stetoskopu.

Alien Disko

A parallel project to Alesia Cosmos, which brings together two of its members. Bruno de Chénerilles (guitar, moog, live electronics) and Pierre Zeidler (clarinets, sax) recorded and mixed in October and November 2022 at the Audiorama studio.

And there, you will listen to a series of radical improvisations in duet, an elaborate mix at the borders of free, noise, electro, jazz… with acoustic, electric instruments and electronic treatments.

The CD album will be released on the Audiorama label in the spring of 2023.

Your 20% discount!

In the meantime, on the occasion of this end of the year 2022, take advantage of a 20% discount on all the records of the online store, by entering the promo code CHRISTMAS directly in your basket before paying for your order.

AEROPRODUCTS is re-released

AEROPRODUCTS is re-released

Here we are ! The 2nd album AEROPRODUCTS is now available in a brand new production : new cover, remixed, remastered, with bonus tracks.
It’s now a complete and renewed double album on vynil or CD on the french label Rotorelief.
You can order it right now on Records page up there on this website.