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Planeta : new music sound review – 1984/1986

Planeta : new music sound review – 1984/1986

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A new music sound review with interviews, musical snippets, concerts.
An anthology of the musical undergound in 38 episodes of 15mn, more than 9 hours of sound and music.
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PLANETA – Interviews, editing and mixing: Pascal Holtzer, Marie-Berthe Servier and Bruno de Chénerilles. NB: Some groups participated in creating their own modules.

More than 30 years later, we rebroadcast here this sound magazine. 9 issues, 38 audio modules, 9 hours of audio documents) in the form of a podcast.
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Exclusivo! by Alesia Cosmos now available on all digital networks

Exclusivo! by Alesia Cosmos now available on all digital networks

pochette de l'album Exclusivo!The Californian label Dark Entries Records has reissued the first album of Alésia Cosmos. You can also listen to the album on all your Digital Networks : Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc…
A reissue on vinyl as it should for this originally self-produced LP in 1983 in Strasbourg, France by the members of the Group on their label Planetarium.
You can order your copy : www.darkentriesrecords.com

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Josh Cheon held to achieve this reissue alike and in collaboration with the members of the group. The music is in its original condition without any remix and the cover is exactly the same.
Why change as this nugget of the french underground has retained all its freshness. Nothing to throw, or even edit in this music that continues to fascinate several generations of fans. Since June 2016, the original pressing was sold out and Josh’s proposal came at time to revive the flame in this summer.

In this blog we tell you little by little the true story of Alésia Cosmos from the premises to the last concerts, we will publish press extracts, unpublished audio archives, flyers, programs, pictures , testimonials
Diving in the archive has already begun! And to be continued very soon …
And all these documents are first hand because members of the group themselves scan them directly from the archives to deliver them to you.

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To get your vinyl copy :

Very soon!
Bruno de Chénerilles