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The garage concert

The garage concert

Alesia Cosmos played their concert at the garage – April 26, 2019 – at Zone d’Art in Strasbourg, France. Some photos and sounds recorded by very special fans. Photos : Jean-Luc et Jean-Louis – Recordings : Milou et Laurette. Thanks a lot !

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Affaire Tanaka : the new remix

Affaire Tanaka : the new remix

Affaire Tanaka - new remix 2019

Today you can listen to this new remix of Affaire Tanaka by Pascal Holtzer
for the new double album Aeroproducts to be released very soon on the french label Rotorelief.

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Alesia Cosmos at the garage – Strasbourg – April 27, 2019

Have a look to the video, listen to the bonus tracks and check details for the event on

Planeta : new music sound review – 1984/1986

Planeta : new music sound review – 1984/1986

Listen to the Planeta podcast

A new music sound review with Interviews, musical snippets, concerts : an anthology of the musical undergound in 38 episodes of 15mn, more than 9 hours of sound and music.
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PLANETA – Interviews, editing and mixing: Pascal Holtzer, Marie-Berthe Servier and Bruno de Chénerilles. NB: Some groups participated in creating their own modules.

30 years later, we rebroadcast here this sound magazine ( 9 issues, 38 audio modules, 9 hours of audio documents) in the form of a podcast available on this blog, but also on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, ITunes, Deezer.

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