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Live at Audiorama – 2cd

Live at Audiorama – 2cd

Live at Audiorama - 3rd album by Alesia Cosmos - double CD Long 07 - Audiorama 2020 - Recorded in live sessions at Audiorama Studio in Strasbourg, October 2019.

All music played spontaneously by Marie-Berthe Servier, Pierre Zeidler, Pascal Holtzer and Bruno de Chénerilles during 3 days at the studio and recorded without any previous composition. The 3rd and final session was a private concert at the studio for a bunch of friends and fans.
Mixed and mastered by Bruno de Chénerilles at Audiorama Studio. No editing, the music is authentically like it was played live.
Inside illustration : Lune Rousse by Christophe Meyer Graphic design : Arno de Chénerilles

Alesia Cosmos Live at Audiorama

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