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is back !

​​With the reissue of ​the first two albums and a reunion concert, the French underground band returns more than 30 years later with new dynamic projects: a third album, concerts with variable geometry and projects to build with the programmers .
Always unclassifiable, Alesia Cosmos is propelled again in ​total musical freedom, crossbreedings, whacky humour and its limitless creativity that have never ceased to interest different generations of aficionados.
If you are interested in a future concert in your program, please contact us without delay!

​2 albums​

la pochette de l'album Exclusivo!

​Exclusivo !

The first album produced in 1983. Reissued identically on the California label Dark Entries Records in 2017.
LP available in vinyl and digital.



The second album produced in 1986. Remixed, remastered by Alesia Cosmos in 2018. Re-released with bonus tracks on the Rennes Rotorelief label in 2019.
Double LP available in vinyl, CD and very soon in digital

​​2019 : concerts, studio

Live ​at the Garage - April 27, 2019

Backed by a KissKissBankBank campaign, this re​union concert was held in Strasbourg in front of an enthusiastic ​audience and in the middle of old cars, with Marie-Berthe Servier, Pascal Holtzer and Bruno de Chénerilles, accompanied by Pierre Zeidler on saxophones, Issac Rensing and Romain Gougenot on ​metal percussions

Live at ​Audiorama - ​​Fall 2019

Sessions of live recordings and private concert are scheduled at Audiorama studio in Strasbourg ​for the 3rd album to be released in 2020.

Excerpts from records and concerts

Thanks to you, upcoming concerts

Alesia Cosmos can play in concert according to very different geometries. The group is open to one-off projects and collaborations. We are interested in all types of events and venues, from festival to small venues.
The hard core, the historical trio is composed of Marie-Berthe Servier  - voice, Pascal Holtzer and Bruno de Chénerilles - guitars, live electronics, voices. But we also play in duo, quartet or more and we can still imagine a new project with you.
We are open to any programming and project proposal. ​Please get in touch with us to talk about it :


​... The group developed an idiosyncratic approach to avant rock that blended free improvisation with electroacoustic studio manipulation. In 1983, they self-released their debut album Exclusivo! - an eccentric collection of absurdist utterances, Tunisian rhythms and (sometimes overzealous) tape manipulation that occupies territory bordering Etron Fou Leloublanc, Faust, Yoko Ono and Pierre Henry…
Emily Pothast - The Wire - March 2018

... ​About Aeroproducts in the magazine Actuel, journalist Jean-Pierre Lentin talks about free-rock collages. Which is not wrong, because everything goes: robotic rhythm boxes, distanced lyrics in French, hot topics, cold atmospheres worthy of This Heat or A Certain Ratio and even vocalisations as Yoko Ono's, against a backdrop of gurgling sound​s ...
Philippe Robert - Agitation Friite 3 - October 2018

​... And if some still bend over the texts of the Sex Pistols, hoping to decipher a forgotten situationist grimoire, it would be good to repatriate ​very quickly to this Patl'in d'Merde ...
Jacques Debout - Agitation Friite 3 - October 2018

​... Strange traffic from Alsace, with magnetic tapes and heteroclite instruments, between funk, free, onomatopoeia, oriental incantations and the distorted soundtrack of a horror film. Surprising, often arduous, some very pleasant ​moments.
Guitare Magazine - October 1983

... ​​Ideas are not lacking in ​Exclusivo! the first album of the Alsatian group, starting with the addition of a Tunisian percussionist. Musicians can create a disturbing, haunting atmosphere with a well-diversified sound texture ...
Jazz 360 - September 1983 - Suisse

I’m bored
In this shitty place
​I piss me off
​Soon I will break everything

My baby’s gone
She got it
What the fuck am I doing here?

Alesia Cosmos - 1983

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