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Planeta : Rock Hexagonal Tendancieux – Poitiers (F), 1986

Planeta : Rock Hexagonal Tendancieux – Poitiers (F), 1986

Listen to episode 38 of the Planeta podcast : Rock Hexagonal Tendancieux at Confort Moderne – Poitiers (F).
Here is a trailer on floppy vynil. It was recorded to promote the third edition of Festival RHT 1986 / a selection of french groups. Groovy musical excerpts and authentical vinyl scratches …
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PLANETA – Interviews, editing and mixing: Pascal Holtzer, Marie-Berthe Servier and Bruno de Chénerilles. NB: Some groups participated in creating their own modules.

30 years later, we rebroadcast here this sound magazine ( 9 issues, 38 audio modules, 9 hours of audio documents) in the form of a podcast available on this blog, but also on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, ITunes, Deezer. Every week, a new episode of the PLANETA podcast.

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